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My Story

Nearly two years ago I diagnosed myself with a very sevire case of tendonitis in the wrists and elbows. I saw many conventional doctors who couldn't quite diagnose my problem... each doctor had the same remedy - rest, and stop doing what you have been doing to create this.

I was unfortunate enough to develop my case of tendonitis from playing percussion and drums, combined with guitar and piano (yes, even computer keyboard!). I have gone from not being able to open doors or holding pencils, to now being able to play the drums for 45 mins a day!

After countless unsuccessful attempts at trying to find a real tendonitis support group online with a community support forum, helpful articles, and a resourceful link directory - I decided that I would create one of my own.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an online area where users can access support for tendonitis. Through the use of our community forums, articles, and link directory, we hope to build a foundation that can offer support to those in need.

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